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Yuri Massage :icontonee89:tonee89 2,322 140
more yuri by yuri-emo more yuri :iconyuri-emo:yuri-emo 180 17 Yuri Yuri Yuri by LaLaRuu Yuri Yuri Yuri :iconlalaruu:LaLaRuu 174 26 ~yellow~ by creativephotoworks ~yellow~ :iconcreativephotoworks:creativephotoworks 343 14 ~sleeping beauty~ by creativephotoworks ~sleeping beauty~ :iconcreativephotoworks:creativephotoworks 299 2 ~innocence~ by creativephotoworks ~innocence~ :iconcreativephotoworks:creativephotoworks 749 28 Welcome by 8BitLola Welcome :icon8bitlola:8BitLola 1,107 212 Burning Sun by 8BitLola Burning Sun :icon8bitlola:8BitLola 1,021 138 Last Summer by 8BitLola Last Summer :icon8bitlola:8BitLola 1,022 135 After the rain by 8BitLola After the rain :icon8bitlola:8BitLola 1,459 146 -H- by xxbone -H- :iconxxbone:xxbone 535 11 -K- summer by xxbone -K- summer :iconxxbone:xxbone 432 8

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These logos seen uploaded are some I found and some from the Smash Custom music website. 
BrawlBrstms3X is a channel on youtube that extends music my channel Terrence's Soundtracks [Music Extensions] is a small portion of the big Brstms extending music. We extend music for Mario Kart 8 delux and many other nice Nintendo games and yes now you can hear your favorite Nintendo music in gaming as well



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MariusOfTheSea Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2017
An Invitation ♡

ThePinhead3333AA Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2017  Student Artist
To an invite to what? 
MariusOfTheSea Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2017
A give away! The photo is a link!
ThePinhead3333AA Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2017  Student Artist
ThePinhead3333AA Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2016  Student Artist
Hi I'm a real boy and these are my accounts hehe
names I go by are Terrence's Soundtracks, Creative Passion
My Channel Page Trailer (Boy Me):…

Anime Project K
Character Kuroh Yatogami
+Kongou Kai​ 
Please also follow
+Byakuya Kuchiki​
+Terrence's Soundtracks​ 
+Terrence's Soundtracks​ 
? +Venus The Hedgehog​ 
If you are not listed here you will be in my profile picture pinned post here we go!
Extra Listed People
+Lexi TM​
+Psyqhical "Celly"​

New Ones:

Welcome to my pinned post

Those who want a soundtrack request please go to my main page.
Here are a list of the pages I use so far on here:
I will take youtube requests at any time for characters or soundtracks
or edits in particular that you want in videos.

Name: Why should I give a fuck
Age: Well don't you wanna know shit?
Gender: You're Never Gonna Know
Details: Just a page for soundtracks and random posts when I feel like it.
Things I will be posting as for youtube
1. Soundtracks
2. Character Tributes
3. Slide Show Pictures
4. Top 10s# In Anything
5. AMVs/MMDs
6. Clips/Ops(Openings/Endings)
~ 7) Slide Shows
~ 8) Question and Answer Videos
~ 9) Gameplay videos/Commentary (if I get equipment)
~ 10) Blogs/Journal Videos
~11) Edits (If I ever learn how to do em)

Descriptions for others will come soon, welcome to my channel I take high pride in collections and playlists. I have been spending a lot of time in G+ lately maybe I should go on to the YouTube side and give it a go. Anyways I value my and others stuff equally. Everyone does good work in my eyes. Everyone is special in his or her own way. Its our positive and creativity that brings people together I picked a particular group of people cause they are the closest and mean the most. Anyways I've been around here and YouTube and many other places for a heck of a long time.
~I'm not new really just redoing a lot of old videos from the past and as for posts on G+
I'm not too sure if I had any old ones deleted but this gallery will be my biggest. My collections are mostly active for the most part~
~I have other places I can speak of anyways just enjoy. I'm only now here rarely for pinned posts and pfp changes just changing the profile pic to let ones know its still active as for replying to people meh I 'm not really sure though but eh?~

~But I am here for my old school bros though and a few new ones if they decide to be nicely though people all have their own thoughts and opinions~ ~I will edit this pinned post later on~ Anyways I'm a kind creative alone user but its okay I have many ideas I'd like to put around here sooner or later but I'll find something I'm very thankful for meh friends I made too some nice others meh.~

~Also During Some point in the evening I love looking up big people on YouTube and G+ that kinda help me bring some inspiration to the table on this website (: These are sorta people that just spark and flare some interest into me~

~To those whom have stuck with me thank you~
~I will remember kindly and nicely ones~

Featured Video #1
Featured Video #2
Featured Video #3
Featured Video #4
Featured Video #5

Hi I'm Terrence welcome to my official Sailor Moon page I have choosen.
Like it matters. Anyways welcome if you like music you came to the right place. And I will try to post anime stuff as much as I can even though I don't know one thing I'm doing.
My Video Trailer: ............-------------->

I know my pinned post isn't as fab as others but eh I'm trying I'm trying.

[I have quite a couple of pages around here why? I love uploading things on the YouTube part so backups of multiple videos is key posts here not so much I have to worry about] Some videos may be hard for me to remember or not.

What I post (YouTube)
~I take requests for videos at anytime~

~ 1)Soundtracks
~ 2) Character Tributes
~ 3) Trailers/Little Movie Clips
~ 4) AMVs/MMDs
~ 5) Lyric Videos
~ 6) Openings/Credits
~ 7) SlideShows
~ 8) Question and Answer Videos
~ 9) Gameplay videos/Commentary (if I get equipnemt)
~ 10) Blogs/Jonrnal Videos

1. These are the ten differnet types of projects I have been working on YT for many years but channels never lasted long though. And others did just depends.

As For Google Plus
~ 1. Wallpapers/Gif
~ 2. Quotes/Phrases
~ 3. Random Shitposting Whenever (If I feel like sending videos)
~ 4. I also share others stuff often
~5. Anything Sailor Moon Related XD

2. The projects on G+ Should be pretty safer than YouTube and okish
Note: Most Anime music uploaded may be pitched. So prepare for that but I will extend with very nice logos.

~I'm a very shy, kind, caring, sometimes attention grabbing person, also I can be really sweet and quiet at other times. I'm one person with one personality maybe two IDK at times with myself. But I am a bro. I like writing, reading, and mostly games/my PC. I'm very caring and will lend my hand to help others out. When I can and if I can. But I am often quite on a lot I'm a really silent user and not noticed.

~Anyways welcome to my little and lovely page I'm completely devoted to Sailor Moon I loved this anime but I love many others too I will soon show people my recommendations and they can show me theirs anyways this page is strictly on SM stuff from any of the series (including the crystal). I'm not as good as the others but I will still try.

~Will be the first anime page with unblocked anime music able to listen to will have ads but you should still be able to view them on you're phone. Anyways here are my interests.

My Top 15 Friends:
+Luka Megurine​ 
+Sѧňiţʏ FяԾЖąʊ​
+Aιĸa Cнanᵀᴹ​
1) +Madoкa ღ​
2) +Misaki Chan​
3) +RexBlazzer099​
4) +Maribel Beautiful​
5) +Anna Chan​ 
6) +Kongou Kai​
7) +Misaki Chan​
8) +Foxgaming the loli Yuri Smith​
9) +Maddie Bouxxauntiu​
10) +Maya Moonlight Schmange​ 
11) +NepNep Time​
12) +Mιуα Cнαn™​

The rest of the family/other channels list:
+Lexi TM​ 
+ρɛssïɱīsɬıç ʀɛıŋα ღ​
+Yumi Sapphire​ 
+Sαѕυкє Ucнιнα™️​
+Fear 王女​
+Carla Rd​
+Tainted Soul​
+Hatsune 𝓜𝓲𝓴𝓾 初音ミク​
+Josh P 美月​
+Meme Thief Nozomi 卐​
+Yυι Kσмσяι​
+Yui Komori​
+q a l a x i i シ​
+黒尾鉄朗Kuroo Tetsurō
+Misaki Chan​
+Lucy Hєαятƒιlια​
+Natsuho Nekogasaki​ 
+Freako̸ Neko̸​ 
+Gabi Anime​
+be a sexy llamacorn k-pop fan tho huehuehue​
+revy Uryū​
+Lonely_nerd_ Emi_​
+Deepshika Gookool​
+Deepshika Gookool​
+Sakura Akiyama
+Sakura Akiyama

+Terrence's Soundtracks
+Creative Passion クリエイティブパッション
StarWarriorDecade Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2016
bad news man,my youtube account got terminated which I lost over 1000 videos worth of hardwork on there,but to be honest,i'm glad I finnally did get terminated,because i am never going back to that shitty site ever again,because all that site ever did was cause me severe depression and prevented me from doing the things i love to do like playing video games offline. *hugs you*

from now on,my new Internet home is gonna be, which is so much better than youtube/Google plus. I'm really sorry man,but i'm never gonna come back to shitty google tube ever again because it's just not worth it which that site is infested with assholes/jackass's,egotistical pricks,copyright BS,and plus I've list alot of my old friends on there anyway like mikki (Smoshyteatime),ect.

if you want to keep in contact with me,i'll be on this site from now on,because i'm never gonna go back to shittube ever again.
ThePinhead3333AA Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2016  Student Artist
yeah and I see thank you for showing me that I hope things get better for you and I do miss speaking with chu 
StarWarriorDecade Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2016
same here *Smiles*

I hope things have been going better for you on your end man. but if you want to keep in contact with me,you see my music uploads and videos on that site I just showed you:P
ThePinhead3333AA Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2016  Student Artist
okay and I can see why you had enough of youtube the people the copyright system its just a lot of stuff isn't it?
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Charmanderfan101 Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2016's me iloveanime721. tell me something.... is deviantart still going downhill? i'm still not going to come here ofter. i came here to contact Skypiea of
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